Pixel Dungeon

#game #design #build #html #css #js #illustration #animation

Pixel Dungeon was a mini game I made while studying Javascript at General Assembly. The project brief was to make a game, anything at all – but it had to be made completely in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Going from concept to code to completion in 3 days. This is what I made. Runs best in Chrome after a an inital load + a refresh. ;)

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Matthew Robert Trevor Brindle [MRTB]

Their work spans across direction, design, identity, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, gaming, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.


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Born in Redhill, England ; in the Fall. Neither short nor tall. I be year of the Rat, if you’re into all that. And an ENFP, if you like a bit o Briggsy. Cut my teeth in London then got lost in Berlin, left my heart in San Fran, my soul somewhere between. Deep in the net ; is where my ghost be. But thy shell be in London, a long way from the sea.


Giphy. Grids. [A]Symmetry. Tessalations. Iconography. Authenticity. Tanuki. Entropy. Te[k/ch]no. Folk. Poetry. [Neuro] Diversity. Simpsonwave. Statistics. Documentries. DIY. Gamification. Anime/Manga. Pixels. Paint. Consent. Punk. Ethics. Logic. Empathy.


Deep water. Net Curtains. Speakerphones on TFL. Bling. Profit over people. Entitlement. Naughty Algorithms. Homogenisation. Social Medja. Ego traps. Carrying change. Political polarisation. Groping. Dogma. Fragmentation. Mental health stigma. Cockles. Poor indentation. Beige.

May the force be with you...