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The theme here is “where tech meets health and everyday life”, which I explored using mixed media and relatable human imagery.

In particular, I offset a clean, vector head with a photograph of medicine to express the way in which virtual reality can affect the mind much as drugs do. I approached the sensitive topic of depression in an abstract manner, through black rain plastered against a bright background.

The overall stylistic aim was to mix bold, ‘real’ photographs with bright, ‘unreal’ graphics to create a feeling of the everyday and the futuristic.

︎︎︎︎ Category Header Illustration

How to change career paths

I find that shaping design closely around the written content of an article creates a rich and engaging media experience. Here, header images follow on from article thumbnails, becoming expanded full illustrations.

︎︎︎︎ Article Illustrations

︎︎︎︎ Category Header Illustration

Content design 

︎︎︎︎ Mobile: Imagery is integrated with the iconic Virgin Red, showing a more on-brand approach.

︎ Tablet: An article on wellness combines an uplifting yellow with a hint of red. Infographics highlight useful pullout content in a visually appealing and modern way. Questions are formatted in a clear, alternating layout to break up monotonous written content.

︎ Desktop: With greater space comes the ability for increased visual complexity. Ideally these illustrations would be in live text + drawn in CSS wherever possible.

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Matthew Robert Trevor Brindle [MRTB] is a Digital/Analogue Artist/Creative. Their work spans across direction, design, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, comms, games, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.

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